Lipedema University

Lipedema University provides videos, audio podcasts, transcriptions of interviews and presentations, and online classes of many of the top clinicians, surgeons, therapists, advocates, scientists and researchers worldwide. Additionally, you will find many stories from women who have lipedema, the Lipedema Ladies, sharing their own process of discovery and treatment.

Our purpose is to provide relevant information to educate and raise awareness for those who have or think they might have lipedema and for providers.

Special acknowledgment to Dan Loeffler and his mother Jenni for their generous donation to the Lipedema Project which makes it possible to offer this for free to the lipedema community. Dan created a 5K run – Laps for Lipedema – in April 2018 in honor of the struggle he saw in his mother Jenni, with her own lipedema process. Their donation, matched by Dr. Mark L. Smith, MD, FACS, and the Friedman Center makes this possible. (Please see “About” for Dan and Jenni’s story.)

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