A Healthy Diet and Exercise to Manage Lipedema with Amanda Arlauskas

Amanda shares her journey with lipedema, which began when a doctor on the television show The Biggest Loser diagnosed her. As a contestant on Season 8, she lost eighty-seven pounds and went on to lose more weight after the show concluded. She talks about the healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise she created to maintain her weight loss, but how she still needs to treat the excess weight in her legs. She has had various lipedema treatments including compression and manual lymph drainage. We see Amanda in consultation with Dr. Kathleen Francis, who applauds her efforts to manage her weight, and Dr. Mark Smith, who discusses lymph sparing liposuction as a surgical option. Amanda Arlauskas is a motivational speaker who lives in North Carolina. Dr. Kathleen Francis is a physiatrist specializing in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and the founder of Lymphedema Physician Services, PC, in Livingston, NJ. Dr. Mark L. Smith is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center, Director of the Friedman Center for Lymphedema Research & Treatment, and Co-Director of the Lipedema Project.

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