The Relationship Between Lymphedema and Lipedema with Babak Mehrara, MD

Dr. Babak Mehrara has done extensive research on lymphedema and on the relationship between lymphatic fluid and adipogenesis (the growth of fat cells). His work illuminates a strong correlation between lymphatic obstructions and fat deposition. Dr. Mehrara discusses his research and findings and explains the causes of lymphedema. He examines why fat related to the lymph system is so difficult to affect through treatments such as diet modification, and how this can apply to lipedema. Dr. Mehrara is a physician, scientist, and plastic surgeon, and is Director of the Babak Mehrara Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. His research focuses on the regulation of lymphatic regeneration after surgery, the development of lymphedema, and the relationship and regulation of adipogenesis by lymphatic fluid.

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