The Relief in Knowing Lipedema Is Not My Fault with Carola Lammich

Lipedema patient Carola Lammich reveals how frustrating her healthcare experience was prior to discovering she had lipedema. For years, doctors stressed diet and exercise, and didn’t believe she was doing everything she could to manage her weight and health. Carola blamed herself for a long time, until she met Dr. Stefan Rapprich who diagnosed her with lipedema. She shares the relief she felt with the lipedema diagnosis and the positivity she regained after a successful lymph sparing liposuction surgery. Carola Lammich lives in Germany and is a business professional. Dr. Stefan Rapprich is a dermatologic surgeon and partner at Hautmedizin Bad Soden in Germany. He was instrumental in developing lymph sparing liposuction for lipedema patients and specializes in this process. He has been training other healthcare professionals in these techniques for over fifteen years.

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