Advocating for Lymphedema Treatment with Heather Ferguson – Lipedema University

In Part 3a, lymphedema advocate Heather Ferguson talks about her work in promoting legislation to support the coverage of lymphedema compression supplies. She shares her own story of how this began after having a child with lymphedema, and finding that his compression garments were not covered by insurance. She has already helped to pass the North Carolina Lymphedema Diagnosis and Treatment Act (2009), but addresses the need for legislation on the national level with Medicare coverage. In Part 3b, Heather Ferguson speaks about her advocacy work for lymphedema legislation. She explains how, when passed, the Lymphedema Treatment Act will ensure that Medicare and insurance companies recognize compression supplies under the DME benefit category. Heather is hopeful about the future, both in terms of finding a cure for lymphedema and of garnering greater medical and political support for patients. Heather Ferguson is Founder and Executive Director of the Lymphedema Advocacy Group. She successfully worked to pass the North Carolina Lymphedema Diagnosis and Treatment Act (2009) to ensure insurance coverage for medically necessary compression supplies. She is currently raising support for passage of the Lymphedema Treatment Act, which will ensure Medicare coverage for compression supplies.

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