Encouraging Results from Lymph Sparing Liposuction with Marleen Coenen VanDerWerf

In her interview, we see Marleen mid-procedure during lymph sparing liposuction surgery. Dr. Reggy Schift explains his approach to liposuction, which involves removing significant volume from smaller areas over multiple sessions. Dr. Schift also tells us why tumescence is preferable to general anesthesia in terms of pain management during surgery. After the liposuction, Marleen shares her expectations for life post-surgery and the positive effects she has already experienced. Marleen Coenen van der Werf is a lipedema patient living in the Netherlands who underwent successful lymph sparing liposuction surgical procedures in 2013 – 2014. Marleen experienced a reduction of pain and improvement in mobility and shape and size. Dr. Reggy Schift is a surgeon and dermatologist who practices in Borken, Germany serving lipedema patients from both Germany and the Netherlands. He specializes in lipedema treatment.

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