Research in Intestinal Lymphatics with Patrick Tso, PhD

Dr. Patrick Tso shares his research in the area of obesity and how intestinal lipid metabolism relates to lymphatics, which he feels may shed light on how lipedema functions on a molecular level. He discusses his role in developing the conscious lymph fistula rat model to study the gastrointestinal hormones called incretins, and why studying these hormones in lymphatic fluid has opened new opportunities for research. Dr. Tso looks forward to future studies of the lymphatic system, in particular to understand the dysfunction of lipid metabolism and its connection to lymphatic function. Dr. Patrick Tso is a research scientist, Professor, and Director of the Mouse Metabolic Phenotype Center in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department. He is also Director of the Physician Scientist Training Program at the Metabolic Diseases Institute at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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