Lymphatics – Orphans of the Vascular System with Dr. Sumner Slavin, MD

Dr. Sumner Slavin explains why liposuction is such a vital aspect of lipedema treatment – it can actually reduce deposits of fibrotic fat, which conservative treatment is unable to do. He points out that lymphatics are involved in all functions of the body, but are not fully understood, and advocates for more research of the lymphatic system and disorders such as lymphedema. He also recognizes lipedema as a global issue that is not addressed adequately as it’s not a mortality disease, although it has a huge impact on quality of life. He suggests that greater academic interest in lipedema could lead to greater awareness of the disease and its treatment. Dr. Sumner Slavin is a plastic surgeon and founder of Chestnut Hill Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Associates in Boston, MA. He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at Harvard Medical School and a visiting professor at numerous institutions including the Royal College of Surgeons in England and the Royal Australian Plastic Surgical Society. Dr. Slavin is also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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