Dramatic Changes from Lymph Sparing Liposuction by Dr. Wilfried Schmeller, MD

Prof. Dr. Schmeller speaks about how he began performing lymph sparing liposuction as a treatment for lipedema patients. He tells us that in many cases, conservative therapy does not prevent lipedema from progressing. He has found that liposuction can bring dramatic changes to patients in early as well as advanced stages of lipedema. Dr. Schmeller also discusses the importance of tumescent anesthesia for pain management during and after surgery, and of separating the procedure into multiple sessions. Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schmeller is a dermatologic surgeon who practices at the Hanse-Klinik in Lübeck, Germany. Besides engaging in clinical treatment of patients from several countries, he conducts research in lipoedema, has published on lipedema, and presents at and organizes congresses regularly.

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